Portrait Information….

The biggest difference between our studio and other “chain studios”, is that we focus more on quality rather than quantity. We don’t fill our time with session after session rushing people through. We believe in giving each and every client a custom experience so that you get the personal work of art that you are paying for. We want to give you personalized attention from the first contact to final delivery. Every step of the way, we want to make sure that your experience is like none other!


Some Helpful Ideas for your portrait session….

For many people family portraits can be a little overwhelming. We at Davis Creative Photography would like to help make your job easier by talking with you about clothing choices, make-up, location, time of day, and how to best prepare for the photo session during a pre-portrait consultation. A consultation can either be in person (prefered) or over the phone.

Great portraits don’t just happen. They are the result of efforts on both sides of the camera. Your portraits will reflect the thought and effort that we put into them. The more that we plan in advance, the more successful your finished portrait will be. Here are a few things that you are in control of:  hairstyles, facial hair, nail polish, makeup, jewelry, sunburn and especially wardrobe selection.

Clothing: With clothing simplicity is the key. Solid clothing — items without patterns, stripes or logos — work the best. Prints can be very distracting in your images. Try to stay away from “loud” clothing or anything that is too trendy.

When choosing clothing colors, remember that dark to medium tones (brown, burgundy, green, blue, black) always photograph well. The lighter colors, on the other hand, call attention to themselves and away from the face. Not only do the light colors dominate a portrait, they also add bulk to subjects wearing them. Dark colors are more flattering and slimming.

For family & group portraits: It’s important to coordinate colors in the same tonal range so that no single family member stands out because their clothing is too bright as compared to the rest of the group. Also, coordinating colors has the psychological effect of showing closeness in the family.

Choose outfits that fit your personality and make you feel more attractive. Create color harmony and ensure that all outfits are coordinated. Avoid patterns or stripes — solid, neutral color look the best. Avoid wearing short skirts or shorts, as they make posing more difficult. Long, flowing dresses, jeans, and khakis make better selections.

Sleeveless shirts or tops with very short sleeves are sometimes very unflattering in portraits, thus should be avoided.

Because shoes often show in portraits, ensure that the shoes you wear compliment your clothing. However, bare feet also work in many cases.

More Tips: start thinking about props! This can make your photograph unique. Consider a picnic basket, wine glasses, a musical instrument, or even family pets. We can also work with larger objects such as boats, sports cars, planes, or motorcycles.

We recommend that you do not schedule other activities close to your photo session. Rushing in for your session or “clock-watching” while you are with us creates stress and fatigue that can be reflected in your portraits.

Don’t worry about the location! Once you choose your wardrobe and props, schedule your appointment and we will discuss a location and times with you. We have access to many secret hideaways. Just tell us what you imagine, and we will create the rest!

Become alert to interesting photographs. Look out for awesome postcards or magazine advertisements. Often we re-create art with you as the subject!

Most of all have fun! Let us capture you being you!